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May 2023



Sticky invited me to play out at the Cabana. I think it might be for a singer/songwriter evening, and I think I might be opening, since I'm on at 7pm. I love playing out there, with the trees and the sky, and the kind and attentive, interested listeners.

STICKY’S CABANA2023-05-10T09:48:47-05:00

February 2023

Sticky’s Cabana podcast


Sticky asked me if I'd answer some questions and play some tunes on his podcast. And you know Sticky? You can't say No to Sticky! So this is the recording date, I don't know when it's going to air... I'll update when I know that

Sticky’s Cabana podcast2023-02-03T17:23:21-06:00

February 2022



I'm going to doing a solo show at Sticky's Cabana this evening. I'm looking forward to sharing some of my original songs (with guitar) and tunes (with fiddle). What a blast! I hope you can make it out

STICKY’S CABANA2022-02-26T09:13:31-06:00