LUNA HAWK is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter from Columbia, MO. Go here for more info.

THE HOUNDS are Justin Owen (on bass) as Dippy Dawg, Dee Richards (on drums) as Huckleberry Hound, and Pippa Letsky (on fiddle) as Lassie.

This is a change of music for me, I’m playing cosmic rock’n’roll, medicine Americana music on the fiddle, and it’s fun! But it sure takes some concentration playing in weird keys like Ab or Gb minor… I’m not used to that!

Luna Hawk and the Hounds playing a cover of Ohia’s “Whip-Poor-Will,” at Cooper’s Landing, 5-25-2023

Luna Hawk and the Hounds playing a Luna original “”Rise, Goddess Rise,” at Cooper’s Landing, 5-25-2023

Getting ready to jam with Zawata down at Coopers Landing, May 25, 2023. Thanks to James McManus for the photos.

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Pippa Letsky