ORIGINAL, OLD-TIME, BLUEGRASS, and CELTIC MUSIC for your listening pleasure.

Pippa and The Strawmen play an original song at the Blue Note, August 2013. Lyrics by Steve O’Dell, and music by Pippa. This is one of the latest on YouTube. “A Pig’s a Pig.

Fiddle tunes Bill Cheatemand Kitchen Girl /Paddyroller.” Two Cents play a contra dance or two at the Dancing Rabbit Eco Village, near Rutledge, Missouri, in May 2012, with caller Bob Green.

Jambalaya or Train Carrying Jimmie Rodgers Home” by Gainor & Friends

Pippa plays solo at Coopers Landing in the full sun of a hot summer’s afternoon, September 2009.

Pippa Letsky, class project by Chelsea Sektnan

Contra dances, class project by Erin Schwartz, music by F150.

Video snippet from a family dance in Ashland. Calling by Jim Thaxter, music by F150.

Contra dancing at EcoArt Fest 2009. Tom Verdot on fiddle, Pippa on guitar, calling by Jim Thaxter, video by Mike Cooper

Original music with a Celtic sound, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, oldtime, Missouricana… Columbia, Missouri