ORIGINAL, OLD-TIME, BLUEGRASS, and CELTIC MUSIC for your listening pleasure.
Here’s the Two Cents String Band, playing the oldtime tune “Bill Cheatem” for a contra dance in April 2012.

What an adventure to play for a dance weekend at Dancing Rabbit Eco Village, near Rutledge, in north Missouri. It was an honor to share the weekend’s musical duties with fiddlers Martha Edwards and Roger Netherton. Richard Egan played piano for Roger, and I didn’t catch the name of the guitar player with Martha.

Two Cents play a contra dance at Dancing Rabbit


Two of the dances are up on YouTube, calling by Bob Green, and the tunes are BILL CHEATEM and KITCHEN GIRL /PADDYROLLER

Two Cents at Uprise

Two Cents, playing on the patio at Uprise Bakery in the warm (that’s a euphemism) summer evenings of 2010. Cliff White (River Ridge String Band) on guitar, and Jim Thaxter (a favorite contra dance caller) on banjer.




The original Two Cents String Band (Jim Thaxter, Vic Phelps, and Pippa Letsky) used to play lunchtime music at the Cherry Street Artisan, 2008. LISTEN NOW!