Three Songs for Sally

ORIGINAL, OLD-TIME, BLUEGRASS, and CELTIC MUSIC for your listening pleasure. 

THREE SONGS FOR SALLY — memorial CD, the first CD.

STORIES, STORIES, STORIES… For folks who like to read stories…

I made the mini CD “Three Songs for Sally” for a friend of mine who passed away in the year 2007. She knew she was ill for only a short period of time, and this made me realize, if I want to do something in my life, I need to get about doing it. You know, none of us has all day!

“Three Songs” has two bluegrass songs on it. I’m playing rhythm guitar, and Dave Dearnley’s playing lead (he’s a fine picker, playing now with Dave & Dyno). The third song is an Italian song called “Vento di passione.” I’m playing piano, and Pete Szkolka’s playing Jerome Wheeler’s black Martin acoustic guitar. A lot of folks like this song the best.

Recording this CD (the “yellow” one) was a lot of fun! So, then it was time to try for a full-length recording. Check out Diamond in the Rough (the “blue” one).