The Strawmen at KOPN Radio, May 5, 2017

AN UNSETTLING BLEND OF INTELLIGENT WORDS and  FOLK/ROCK (AMERICANA) for your listening pleasure. Steve O’Dell is the poet, I make the melodies, with Mark Ort on electric guitar, it’s PIPPA & THE STRAWMEN.

NEW SONG: Flies of July

NEXT GIG:  Coopers Landing, August 27, 5-8 pm

Steve O'Dell at Artlandish Galleries







at Fretboard Coffee, October 2, 2015

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THE 2015 CD IS…. “Tomorrow Is a Place.” GO HERE FOR THE LYRICSalbum coverYOU CAN LISTEN to:
“WHEN THE BROOM FALLS…” a Halloween tune

“A Pig’s a Pig,”  recorded at The Bridge.

Live gig down at Coopers Landing: “Lilacs in Spring Water” or “Girl by the River” with Dave Bandy on slide guitar, Steve O’Dell on bass, Pippa on guitar and vocals, and special guests Mark Ort on lead guitar, Donnie Lee Romine on percussion, and Sam Shin on cello.

Pippa & The Strawmen, August 2014

Pippa & The Strawmen, August 2014


CLARE CONNORS, piano player and Irish musician, wrote: “I’ve been enjoying your CD very much and will be looking forward to your next projects. The tunes and arrangements are well-crafted and I found myself singing along at several points.”

AND THE 2013 CD IS….


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