Strawmen lyrics CD2

LYRICS for “TOMORROW IS A PLACE” CD (February 2015)

1. WHERE NOBODY GOES (O’Dell/Letsky) — Donnie Lee Romine, snare

A big round moon hung in the sky / owl on a fencepost getting ready to fly / smoke drifts from the chimney wood-burning stove / she lives in the woods where nobody goes

Hiding’s almost like running / the past grows dim but does not forget / history creeps up in the shadows / build a fence, build a fence, to not let things in

South of town and up the back roads / she moves like the mist with the morning dew / round her log cabin home and her fields overgrown / she lives in the woods where nobody goes

The sun falls down below the hills / and the cold breath of winter is a coming still / she’s chopping wood and patching holes / she lives in the woods where nobody goes

2. THE DRIFTER (O’Dell/Letsky)

A drifter rode a train past a station in a one-horse town / icy cold wind blowing his thin coat from off his shoulders

He doesn’t know where he’s going but the tracks keep traveling on / coal black smoke and the whistle blowing on the rails riding the rods

Some say a train can’t be stopped but hobos and tramps will ride / like some big long black snake crawling along the countryside

3. COWBOYS (O’Dell/Letsky)

Cowboys like their whiskey straight from the bottle / washing down the dirt from the dusty trail / riding creeks and back woods in wild  country / watering their horses in distant ponds

A cowboy’s life is true through the bone / riding the mountain range is home / sitting in a saddle all day long / listening in the night to the coyote’s call

Cowboys like their whiskey straight from the bottle / riding into town and raising hell / brushing the dust off a well-worn Stetson / spurs clanking on an old plank road

A cowboy’s life, it burns in his blood / like the lightning burns the sky above /scratched by the scrub, the cowboy’s bane / riding the herd in the cold  hard rain

There once was a time when a cowboy belonged / but horses don’t eat concrete and the free range is gone

4. THE MIRAGE CHASER (O’Dell/Letsky) — Mark Ort, lead guitar

There was a mirage chaser walking across the sand / a weight upon his shoulders and dirt on his hands/ He saw a ship a-sinking where the clouds hung low / has a rock in his boot and its chafing at his toes

He was afraid to go too far for he might fall off the edge / cause the world is spinnin ’round / and he isn’t sure what’s real

He dreamt he saw clear waters but hot sand choked his throat / his eyes were lying to him, no comfort in the joke /  The days melt into each other, a blend of Berings to get straight / maybe it’s time to start over if it’s not too late

5. TOMORROW IS A PLACE (O’Dell/Letsky)

Tomorrow is a place you get to one day / you unravel the threads from the hats you once wore / you hear a voice from deep inside your soul / say there’s no place like tomorrow

Tomorrow is a place where you hide your secrets / in a little box by the bathroom door / behind the corner of your eye / you remember you’ve been here before

Someone once told me life is a road / you travel till you’re tired and then you go home / you store what you know deep in your bones / and remember the places you roamed

Tomorrow is a place where lies are true / there’s a lot to see and a lot to do / you can even do your laundry too / you remember you’ve been here before

Tomorrow’s where you go to get things done / stretch your legs, take the dog for a run / all the hard times they’ll be gone / you’ll be happy tomorrow

6. BOONE COUNTY WALTZ (Charles O’Dell) — Sarah Davis, fiddle

There’s an old waltz tune that I long to hear / it’s called the Boone County Waltz / when I used to go dancing with the one I loved dear / we’d dance the Boone County Waltz

Those nights were lovely and fun as could be / we loved to go waltzing, my man and me / I love that old waltz tune, oh play it again / that lovely old Boone County Waltz

My memory goes back to those nights way back when / we danced the Boone County Waltz / I brush back a tear of how we were then / as we danced the Boone County Waltz

Where has the time gone, I dream of back when / we’d go a-waltzing, but life’s changed since then / I miss that old waltz tune, oh play it again / that lovely old Boone County Waltz

7. A DOG NAMED FRED (O’Dell/Letsky)

I had a dog, his name was Fred, all he did was bark / he ran away and joined the circus / broke my heart in two / I guess the allure of fame, and the hot spotlights / relieved him of the boredom of his lonely nights

A dog needs affection and food from a can / but most of all a dog needs adoring fans

His big night came, and he jumped into a canon / fearless Fred the wonder dog, with reckless abandon / I held my breath, as they lit the fuse / he flew through the air, and disappeared

There was nothing to see, except a hole in the tent / no-one knew, where fearless Fred went / he flew to the moon, the circus clowns said / but I had a sick feeling, my dog was dead

I slowly shuffled home, sadness in my heart / as I opened my door, I heard him bark / he was sitting in his dog bed, with the light turned dim / I guess circus life just wasn’t for him

8. LILACS IN SPRING WATER (O’Dell/Letsky) — Sarah Davis, fiddle

A warm and cheerful morning / dew drops falling from silent boughs / everything fresh and honest / a light wind blowing in from the south

I see this perfect world, and every day is a new day / every day’s a new day, like daffodils in spring water

Some say the world is full of trouble, and I can’t disagree / I guess we got to claim a corner and dedicate it to love and beauty

We are born from love and we grow like leaves on trees / elegant but complicated like lilacs in spring water

9. GIRL BY THE RIVER (O’Dell/Letsky) — Mark Ort, lead guitar

Near a town by a river she sits under tall trees / she sings a sad song, her fingers strum six worn strings / There is a longing for something better, she doesn’t know what to call it / or how to get there, always looking for a pot of gold on the horizon

Like the river that carries the debris that drifts in the water down to the sea / she sings and plays and paints a real picture, a moment lost in time / everything slips away, but there’s a song in the wind inspired from yesterday

The river never changes, the young growing old / picking and grinning and singing as the water it flows /  She had a few dreams but time has passed her by / always looking for some sort of gold on the horizon

10. ANALYTICAL SMILE (O’Dell/Letsky)

He wore an analytical smile and her eyes were symmetrical / they looked at the time and they were late for lunch / they grabbed a cab in the rain, it took them there and back again / They grabbed a cab in the rain, it took them there and back again

She thought him funny, he thought her sweet / he threw his coat over a puddle on the street / they found a bistro and they got a seat / and the food was savory

He glanced at his watch in the flickering candlelight / oh, if only this were eternity
She sipped gently at her glass of wine, maybe we could shed all our problems / and slip off somewhere far into the night

Some dreams are lost, time passes and you forget / a big wheel rolling along, rolling along and never ending / Sometimes dreams just fade away, time passes and we forget / a big wheel rolling along, rolling along and never ending

11. WHEN THE BROOM FALLS (O’Dell/Letsky)

A whisper in the wind, a strange and distant call / shadows slipping past the windows, a creaking in the hall

A foreboding warning for all to heed, be ready for it all / faceless monsters come to dinner when the broom falls

An evil seeping in, in the cupboards something’s rattling / a slight scent of fear, and you’re backing towards the door

An icy breath flows down your neck and freezes on the walls / you should take notice when the broom falls

12. A PIG’S A PIG (O’Dell/Letsky) — Tom Weislocher, piano

I  took a bucket of perfume and poured it on a pig / dressed him up in a ballroom gown, earrings, and lipstick / and on that pig I put a wig and danced him all around / everyone was impressed, he received much applause

Hey diddle diddle and a fa la la, diddle diddle and a sha la la / diddle diddle and a fa la la, a pig’s a pig after all

My pig pretends he’s not a pig, tells them lies again and again / he points at others and pretends he’s friends, and everyone believes in him

My pig is on television, making up the news / spinning all that positive spin, tailor-made for you / but don’t believe that pig, my friend, he lies a lot and more / tells you what you want to hear, but he’s just a corporate whore