Sloe Jam


THE SLOE JAM…as in jam made out of sloes–not to be confused with sloe gin (g!)

STILL GOING STRONG AFTER ALL THESE YEARS, and now with a website all its own! 

This is a regular slow jam, playing oldtime fiddle tunes, bluegrass songs, swing jazz tunes, and anything else that takes the fancy of a motley crew of varied-level players. Wednesday evenings at someone’s home, 7.30-9.30.

This is Jim Stallman, the webmeister. 

Pass your email to Jim and he’ll let you know where the next jam will be, with directions.




Dean White on dobro and Dan McKown on banjo.




Barry Gainor (Gainor & Friends) usually plays bass but also plays mandolin, banjo, guitar. Here’s Barry on mandolin, Tom Lata on guitar. Barry Gainor and Tom Lata

Photo credits: Jim Smith