ORIGINAL, OLD-TIME, BLUEGRASS, CELTIC MUSIC for your listening pleasure.

The Rooster Creek Girls played on the Animal Crackers albums. LISTEN here. CD STORIES here.

Rooster Creek Girls, January 2006Rooster Creek Girls (January 2006) left to right: Emily, Pippa, Karen, Margot, Laura

That’s Karen Howard on piano, Margot McMillen on cello, Emily Parsons on banjo, and Laura Idle on banjo-ukelele or cello playing MOCKINGBIRD HILL

photo credit: Liz Mitchell, greetings-from-earth

HISTORY: During the 1990s, dark years for community radio station KOPN (1973), Margot and Pippa devised the FEBRUARY HOUSE CONCERT SERIES to bring guests and volunteers back up to the station. Margot arranged donations of refreshments from local restaurants including Main Squeeze, the Root Cellar, Tellers, Uprise Bakery. Pippa arranged the music, including Thom Howard, Steve Jerrett, Tim Langen and the I (Irish) Band, Tom Verdot. When the concert series came to its natural end, Margot (beginner on cello) and Pippa (beginner on fiddle) started swapping oldtime tunes, and other folks joined in.

Karen grew up playing music in her daddy’s church, as part of a group with her two sisters. She plays by ear and can master pretty well any tune once she’s heard it a few times. It was Karen who suggested the Rooster Creek Girls as a name, in honor of Ron Lutz and the Rooster Creek Boys at 11.25 a.m. on Saturdays on KFAL Radio, Fulton, Missouri. As she says, the only thing different between us and the boys is that when the gig’s over, we’re still sober!! (no offense, Ron!)

As Karen likes to say: “We are available for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, births, christenings, and funerals. We put the FUN back in funerals!” We play oldtime traditional American tunes, O’Carolan tunes, some ragtime, some classic 1940s tunes, generally whatever takes our fancy. We’ve even tried the Blue Danube at times! Most of all, we like to have fun.

To bring this story up to date: That was years ago now. Margot’s playing with a chamber quartet, Karen’s remodeling her house, and Pippa’s working with various groups and making CDs.