“LYNN WELLS + Pippa Letsky, LIVE! at the Cherry Street Artisan.”

Lynn Wells, oldtime Missouri fiddler, playing for the lunchtime crowd, REALLY MADE THEM SIT UP AND LISTEN!Lynn Wells again, at the Artisan

We eventually got Mike Robertson to record us at this venue (April 2004), and the CD came out in 2010: twelve HARD-DRIVING Missouri tunes, with Kevin Hennessy on bass tracked later at Pete Szkolka’s studio.

Here we have a bunch of oldtime fiddlers playing outside the Music Department, in Lowry Mall on the MU campus, in 1991. Photo by the Missouri Cultural Heritage Center. Left to right: unknown kid clogging, Pippa, Pete McMahan, Charlie Walden (hiding behind Pete), Dean Franklin on bass (hiding behind Taylor), Taylor McBaine, Kenny Applebee on guitar, Norma Applebee, and I don’t know the piano player’s name, and Howard Marshall. The kid was clogging real well, which is how come all folks are watching him.


There’s a lot of wonderful news about traditional oldtime Missouri fiddlers at the Missouri Traditional Fiddle and Dance Network site, including photos of the Taylor McBaine Memorial Contest, 2007, Pippa takes third place where Pippa played with Gene Stevens backup on guitar, and together we took third place in the senior division!

UPDATE FROM JULY 4, 2010, the seventh annual Independence Day Boonsboro Fiddle Competition…. Pippa took second place in the Senior Division! I got the trophy to prove it! Many thanks to Junior Marriott and Kathy Gordon for first-rate backup.