Produced by Doireann O’Brien / Recorded and Mixed by Mike Robertson / Music edited by Pete Szkolka / Duplicated by Kirby Mitchell / Special thanks to our dear friends in the town of Lupus.


  1. Slow Down performed by Violet Vonder Haar
  2. Mr. Bullfrog performed by  Michael Cochran, Pete Szkolka, Mike Robertson
  3. Down to the River performed by Robyn Ricks
  4. Foggy Mountain Breakdown performed by the Celebrated Renaissance Band Reunion
  5. Why? performed by Sam Coble
  6. Hello Stranger performed by  Kim Baer and Dan Peek
  7. Hobo’s Dream performed by  Jesse James
  8. Sneakin’ Up on the Blues performed by Lee Ruth
  9. Jerome Jerome performed by David Bandy
  10. Hard Drinkin’ Woman performed by  David Raye’s Delta Blues
  11. Dropout Blues performed by Michael Cochran, Pete Szkolka, Mike Robertson
  12. A Better Way to Sing Our Song performed by Bartholomew Bean
  13. Jenny Lind performed by Dave and Dyno, Karen Crane
  14. Descendants poem performed by Walter Bargen
  15. Leaving the Fight performed by Trina Brunk and Steve Meyerhardt
  16. River Cowboy performed by Pippa Letsky, John Mathis, Lee Ruth, Dan Peek
  17. Compost Pile performed by Steve Meyerhardt
  18. Asheville Junction performed by  the Celebrated Renaissance Band Reunion
  19. Put Your Pen Down performed by  Robyn Ricks
  20. Lonely performed by  Violet Vonder Haar
  21. She Died Dancing performed by Rose Grotjan and Tom Lata