The intrepid Gainor & Friends, at the Broadway Brewery, 2015–a wonderful bunch of musicians!

G&F 10-19-2014, goodbye Dirk

G&F say Goodbye Dirk on 19 October 2014

Gainor & Friends have been jamming on Sundays since the early 1990s, and now we’re at the Broadway Brewery.  Bring your instrument, C’MON  DOWN the stairs on the south side of Broadway between 8th and 9th Streets (it’s wheelchair accessible from the back alley), CATCH some good bluegrass jammin’ every Sunday. YOU CAN EAT BRUNCH (starting at 9.30, kitchen closes 3-4 pm), drink a beer, enjoy some fine good music, and all for a WORTHY CAUSE. All tips for this band go to the MU Children’s Hospital and through the years we’ve raised over $22,000. Way to go, Gainor & Friends!

LISTEN TO… The Texas Eagle, a train song;  Brunch at Broadway Brewery (11 seconds); Jambalaya at the old Cherry Street Artisan; Train Carrying Jimmie Rodgers Home.

Note from Ron McLaughlin (mandolin player, substituting on bass December 18, 2016):

As I was l walking by the bar on my way out of the Brewery yesterday, with my bass, mandolin and paraphernalia in hand, a young lady (young to me), accompanied by a young man, was just standing up donning her coat. She looked at me and said, “You’re awesome.” I strongly suspect that, if in fact she was talking to me, the compliment was intended for the band….

Says the blog Smokes and Booze, by Ed Bell & Tom Gabel… (under AMBIANCE and SETTING): “On Sundays, they have live music, that was quite honestly nothing short of excellent.  All Proceeds from donations go to a charity that is near and dear to us, so that was a big plus.” Thanks for the compliment, Smokes and Booze blogspot!

The multi-talented Dr. Barry Gainor is also an able and experienced recording artist, and the proud host of the Banjo Rehabilitation Center (BRC). If you check out the BRC Hall of Fame, if you look carefully, you might even find Mr. Bones…


Children’s Miracle Network gig at the Harley-Davidson dealership, July 2015. BIG FUN time had by ALL.

Harley-Davidson Children's Fair, 2013

Harley-Davidson Children’s Fair, 2013


Gainor & Friends played for the Children’s Safety Festival, June 8, 2013. And here’s a photo to prove it…. everyone, smile!

Gainor & Friends at UM Hospital

Gainor & Friends at UM Hospital, 2012

Gainor & Friends at the University of Missouri Behavioral Health. Every year around Christmas time, we play a show for the adults and another for the kids. Our music brings a smile to folks who can seem pretty bored beforehand. Here (2012) you see Mr Bones, Clifford Hill (fiddle), Pippa (fiddle), Gainor (banjo), Ron McLaughlin (bass), and Phil Vinyard (mandolin).


At the Children’s Miracle Network street party at the Harley Davidson Dealership, early in July 2011.


And again, from 2010, friends here include (back row) Robyn McKown, Cifford Hill, Ron McLaughlin, Mike McKown, Barry Gainor, Tara Calvin, and (front row) Dan McKown, TJ, the Children’s Hospital mascot, Pippa Letsky, and Tom Lata.


August 2008

Cherry Street Artisan, August 2008


July 2009

July 2009

Friends on the hospital wall, 2007

Dan McKown and Dean Franklin

Dan McKown and Dean Franklin

Christmas 2006

Christmas 2006


Christmas 2005

Christmas 2005









Christmas picture 003

Christmas 2003


At the Hartsburg Pumpkin Fest, in aid of the Children’s Hospital, 1995