what people are saying about Fiddle Tunes for My Dad

What folks are saying  about FIDDLE TUNES FOR MY DAD

“This is my favorite album of Pippa’s. Each tune is compelling and expressive–you know straight away what each one is saying, which is an uncommon and beautiful thing. The arrangements and performances are simple and spot on. Nothing gets in the way of the music. Pippa has a gift for creating tunes. They sound like classics already. Listen a few times and you’ll see what I mean.” Darry Dolezal

I am very impressed by your tracks. . . . They are a very remarkable achievement. They have all the flavour of ancient folk songs, of various cultures: to my ear, Track 2 sounds distinctly Yiddish/Shtetl.  Oy!  Some are Scottish in flavour, some Irish. (Paul Hunt)

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