F150 in Columbia 2010 (?)ORIGINAL, OLD-TIME, BLUEGRASS, CELTIC MUSIC for your listening pleasure — the F150 PICKUP BAND

Contra dances F150, Vimeo by Erin Schwartz

Family dance, Ashland, F150, Jim Thaxter calling.

F150 (originally the Bucket Brigade) performed on an occasional basis for a decade, with Tom Verdot on fiddle, Thom Howard and Pippa on guitar and mandolin, here with Kathy Gordon on bass at a Mid-Missouri Traditional Dance in Columbia, Missouri.

F150 played four tunes on the Animal Crackers CDs: “Hog Alley” (Tom), “Crabs in the Pot” and “Galloping Gertie” (Thom), traditional tunes “Birdie,” “Forty-Eight Dogs in the Meathouse” (Stone’s Rag), and “Forked Deer.”  Listen here.      CD here.

Bucket Brigade in Lawrence, Kansas, 2001 Bucket Brigade play the contra dance in Lawrence, Kansas, 2001