ORIGINAL, OLD-TIME, BLUEGRASS, CELTIC MUSIC for your listening pleasure — the F150 PICKUP BAND

Contra dances F150, Vimeo by Erin Schwartz

Family dance, Ashland, F150, Jim Thaxter calling.

F150 PICKUP BAND (originally the Bucket Brigade)

Tom Verdot (fiddle), Thom Howard and Pippa (guitar and mandolin), here with Kathy Gordon (bass) at a Mid-Missouri Traditional Dance in Columbia, Missouri.


F150 played four tunes on the Animal Crackers CDs: “Hog Alley” (Tom), “Crabs in the Pot” and “Galloping Gertie” (Thom), traditional tunes “Birdie,” “Forty-Eight Dogs in the Meathouse” (Stone’s Rag), and “Forked Deer.”

Bucket Brigade play the contra dance in Lawrence, Kansas, 2001