About Pippa Letsky

I was born in England but grew up in Montreal and Vancouver, Canada, and Canberra, Australia. My family came “home” to England when I was 10, but I was already an Aussie at heart, in love with the convict songs from Botany Bay, the same Scots-Irish fiddle tunes that are at the root of American old-time and bluegrass music. I started piano at age 7, guitar at age 12, mandolin at age 35, fiddle at age 45, composing at age 60 or so. I’ve been playing various types of folk music on guitar (mandolin, bass, or fiddle) since I was 12.

I host two radio shows on KOPN Community Radio, featuring music from outside the borders of the USA. I host MUSIC WITHOUT BORDERS on the first, third, and fifth Tuesdays of the month, from 3 to 5pm, and WORLD WOMAN on the second and fourth Sundays, from 5 to 7pm. You can listen online for two weeks afterwards, at the KOPN.org program archive.

And now I’m writing old-time Celtic-style fiddle tunes, some more crooked than others, and making tune books. And with Steve O’Dell, I wrote some fine songs, some more unsettling than others. ONE SONG is “Flies of July” or you can try “Tomorrow Is a Place.”

Tune books and CDs are for sale at gigs and ALSO at Artlandish Galleries, some books are for sale at Yellow Dog Bookshop.

email: pletsky@socket.net

Pippa Letsky