Animal Crackers

OLD-TIME and BLUEGRASS MUSIC for your listening pleasure.

ANIMAL CRACKERS, Volumes 1 & 2

a patchwork of animal tunes in bluegrass and oldtime music performed by various different configurations: the Bluegrassers, F150 Pickup Band, the Rooster Creek Girls, Sloe Jam, Pete Szkolka, Lynn Wells, and my cousin Jeff Wheeler.

YOU CAN LISTEN NOW … to … “Rabbit in a Log” or to … “The Fox”

So… the “Bluegrassers” are Mark Borzillo on mandolin, Kyle Brown on dobro, Kevin Hennessy on bass, Dale Wilkes on banjo, Pippa on rhythm guitar.

F150 Pickup Band was Tom Verdot on fiddle, Thom Howard on mando or guitar, Kathy Gordon on bass, Pippa on guitar or mando.

The Rooster Creek Girls were Karen Howard on piano, Margot McMillen on cello, Pippa on fiddle.

The Sloe Jam is lots of folks.

Pete Szkolka is the studio man. He is also a phenomenal artist on guitar and piano.

Lynn Wells is an oldtime Missouri fiddler, FIERY!

My cousin Jeff Wheeler sings harmony on “Bluebirds calling.”