Original music with a Celtic sound, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, oldtime, Missouricana… Columbia, Missouri

So... it seems this website is undergoing troubles right now, and the internal links are broken. We'll just have to stay on this one page for a while. Don't try the menu, it will take you back in time to 2011.

I’m writing fiddle tunes. Here’s my friend Terry McKown having fun with one of my tunes, “Bluebells.”


EVERY SUNDAY: from 1 to 4 pm at the Broadway Brewery, bluegrass jam with Gainor and Friends.

Saturday, November 10: Second Saturday Old-time Fiddlers Jam and Square Dance at Hallsville Intermediate School Commons. From 4-6 pm (jam), 6-7 pm (carry-in dinner), 7-10 pm (dance). The intermediate school is located on Hwy 124 about four blocks west of the stop light at the intersection of Hwy 124 and Route B. 

Saturday, November 17: from 6 to 9 pm, sitting in on fiddle with Mr. Fletcher’s One-Man Blues Band at CoMo Smoke and Fire, 4600 Paris Road, Columbia, MO.

Tuesday, November 20: from 3 to 5 pm, MUSIC OF THE WORLD on KOPN radio, 89.5fm and streaming live to the world at KOPN.org.

Saturday, November 24: from 3 to 6 pm, Irish session at Paddy Malone’s Irish Pub, in Jefferson City, MO.

BLUEGRASS JAM every Sunday afternoon, 1-4 pm at the Broadway Brewery: with Gainor and Friends.

OLDTIME MUSIC, with a band called Three Around Three

And sometimes I get to play THE BLUES (original North Mississippi hill country blues) at CoMo Smoke and Fire with Mr. Fletcher’s One Man Blues Band.

AND also… ORIGINAL FIDDLE TUNES…  What folks are saying about the latest album, FIDDLE TUNES FOR MY DAD:

“This is my favorite album of Pippa’s. Each tune is compelling and expressive–you know straight away what each one is saying, which is an uncommon and beautiful thing. The arrangements and performances are simple and spot on. Nothing gets in the way of the music. Pippa has a gift for creating tunes. They sound like classics already. Listen a few times and you’ll see what I mean.” Darry Dolezal (cellist)

Jamming on guitar at Coopers, with Dobro Pat and Bill Roe, 2011, w i d e s c r e e n

Photo credits: with mandolin, Brandon Smith–with bubble, KOPN Women’s Day 2018, David Owens–bass, Liz Mitchell–widescreen guitar, Steve O’Dell